Marisa Walz writes (and voraciously consumes) psychological thrillers. Disturbing story lines, addicting characters, and unhappy endings (at least on her Kindle) make her happy.


Writing has always been a part of Marisa's life story. As a child she wrote horrible poetry and kept painfully mundane diaries (just ask her what flavor ice cream she ate on May 2, 1991 or what happened on the April 15, 1993 episode of Married with Children). In her teen years, she created and ran e-zines that regurgitated the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle advice she read about in print magazines. In college, she made almost $300 a year as a news reporter and opinion columnist for the campus newspaper and, as an adult, she wrote a snarky humor blog. She always found a way to keep writing in her life without making it her life. It seemed to risky to do what she loved and how, exactly, does one just become a novelist? Plus, her mom said she wasn't paying college tuition to have her daughter become a writer. (Could you imagine the embarrassment of having a writer in the family?)

So Marisa went to grad school, got her MBA, and set out on a career doing computer-type things in an office.

Today, Marisa lives, works, and plays in Chicago. She and her husband have two young children, who were the inspiration to finally write her first novel.